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The Care Workers Charity: Ensuring That No Care Worker Ever Faces Financial Hardship Alone


There are over 1.5 million care workers in the UK, looking after our society’s most vulnerable individuals.

The tailored and often extended support provided by our care workers defines the wider care sector and its dedication to improving lives.

Not only do care workers provide the best quality of life possible for those needing help, but they often form deep bonds with their clients, performing a vital role in health and social care.

But for all of their hard work in putting smiles back on faces, sometimes it’s the care workers themselves who need help.

Early starts, long hours and mentally draining work pose a significant risk to one of our most valuable workforces.

As a result, illness, disability or other unforeseen circumstances can sometimes push these everyday heroes beyond their financial limits.

This is where The Care Workers Charity steps in, working hard to ensure that no care worker ever faces financial hardship alone.

In addition to hardship grants, the charity seeks to assist care workers though information support services and signposting to relevant organisations, to better equip staff with the knowledge and help they need. For more information, visit our care worker resource [] page.

The good people of the care sector make a massive contribution to the lives of everyday people. Therefore, The Care Workers Charity is committed to guaranteeing the welfare of current, former and retired workers in their time of need.

If you or anyone in your organisation would like further information or require support, please visit The Care Workers Charity [] website today.

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