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The Care Association Alliance


The Care Association Alliance was created after discussions between a number of Care Association leaders during 2010. It has since gained formal footing as a Limited by Guarantee Social Enterprise with an established mission to facilitate the development of local Care Associations for the benefit of private and voluntary sector care providers together with the people they support and to play an important part in the social and health care national conversation by being supportive, contemporary in approach and discursive rather than combative in the national debate. The underlying message throughout the social and health care sector is to find and deliver best practice throughout for the benefit of those being cared for.


The Care Association Alliance is member based with no fee. The management costs of the enterprise are supported by commercial sponsorship, for which we are very grateful and respond by promoting our sponsors. The CAA meets formally in London about 4 times a year and will establish meetings in both the north and south for geographic and economic reasons and to maximise the opportunity for attendance . Our formal structure has 2 voluntary Co-Chairs (currently Debbie Le Quesne CEO of the West Midlands Care Association and Erica Lockhart CEO of the Surrey Care Association) with administrative support and volunteer leads for specific objectives across the sector.


How We Work & What We Do

  • Empowering Care Associations by delivering powerful thought leadership and encourage their forward thinking in their engagements with Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, other relevant organisations and care provider members.
  • Providing written briefs for Care Associations to deliver direct to their members.
  • Providing sector specific information to underwrite the knowledge base at local Care Associations.
  • Develop information sharing opportunities with leaders from across the social care and health spectrum and those who have positions that can positively influence social care.
  • Lobbying, influencing and providing a reasoned and experienced sector voice from the front line of care to local and central decision makers.

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