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Sat 9th Sept 2017 Song for ALL CARERS/ Caregivers


Hiya, here are a few words and some info about the new song I have written which is out this Saturday, it’s dedicated to each and every one of YOU who has ever Cared For Nursed or looked after anybody who is or has been ill, no matter what illnes.

Please share all over the world, listen to the words as it was written FOR YOU and all of you wonderful caring people, as John says please look out for it from this Saturday 9th Sept 2017 or order CS from Somebody’s music, website below,

Very Best wishes, Norrms Mc Namara

Founder of Purple Angel

and also diagnosed myself with dementia 9 years ago aged just 50

A few word`s from John Milton, Music producer of new song


Hello all,

I received a request on FB in June of this year from a man called Norrms (Norman McNamara) he had been given my name by a mutual friend of ours by the name of Sue Maunsell who had become my life long friend all because of a therapeutic album I had composed for her many years ago entitled Mother Earth.

Norrms was diagnosed with Dementia several years ago and has fought with this terrible condition ever since.

He had written some lyrics that needed music writing to complete the song, it has been written to and for carers, be they family or professionals, and when you listen closely to the words you can see it is all about the difference a carer makes to someone’s life.

I very recently had watched the devastation dementia does and watch a very close friend of mine lose more and more of his abilities and memories.

Before I had even read the lyrics and without hesitation, I was more than happy to agree and then after receiving the words I composed and recorded the music and the song ‘I Owe Everything To You’ was born

I still needed a vocalist to sing Norrms’ poignant words and a friend of Norrms by the name of Jean Saunders who helps run the Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Charity knew a vocalist called Terry Gleed who was up for the challenge so he came for a two day stay at the at the studio to complete Norrms’ dream.

The song is out on the 9th September via ITunes/Amazon (in fact all download sites) or as a CD via Somebody’s music etc

ALL PROFITS FROM THE SALE OF THE SONG will be going to the Purple Angel Dementia Awareness charity.

Please, could you pass this on message/tag /share or do anything else that makes people aware.

I have never met Norman (Norrms) or Jean Saunders but I feel so proud of what they do to help and encourage others. I have had the honour of meeting the fantastic Terry Gleed, a fabulous singer, and performer, who like me have given up his time for free to help.

If you have got to the bottom of this page thank you for reading.

Much love John Milton
(Somebody’s Music)

I finish on the words that Norman says and I quote:

“Who cares if I can’t remember yesterday? As long as today is good”



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