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Rugby stars put Wheelfreedom’s TGA mobility scooters through their paces on sports TV


Driven by retired England international rugby players Ben Kay and Austin Healy, alongside Leicester Tigers prop Ellis Genge, TGA Mobility scooters supplied by Wheelfreedom have appeared on TV’s Rugby Tonight.

Ellis Genge has recently been using a mobility scooter to remain mobile as he recovers from a knee operation. This led to a light-hearted feature during his appearance last week on the Rugby Tonight programme. Ellis was invited to race the show’s pundits, Ben Kay and Austin Healy, on three TGA mobility scooters supplied by Wheelfreedom, a wheelchair, powerchair and scooter specialist based in South West London.

Ben Kay drove the TGA Supersport, a ‘Harley Davidson style’ black and chrome 3-wheeler; Austin chose the TGA Vita 4 with cutting edge styling; and Ellis selected the 8mph TGA Mystere. Introduced by show presenter, Sarra Elgan, the challenge was for the stars to race around three laps of a circuit laid out in the TV studio.

The race commenced however Austin was unable to drive off as a practical joke had been played on him – his scooter had secretly been set to ‘Freewheel mode’. This meant the motor would not engage so he was unable to start the race. After several hard fought laps Ben Kay took the chequered flag on the highly manoeuvrable Supersport.

Owner of Wheelfreedom, Giles Donald, commented: “As rugby fans, we were delighted to supply three TGA mobility scooters for the Rugby Tonight programme. When the show’s Producer approached us we decided that the TGA Supersport, Vita and Mystere would be ideal as they look different and would be eye-catching on screen. Like all TGA products their reliable and robust design was needed especially as a few collisions occurred. We felt sorry for Austin as his Vita 4 is renowned for reliability and performance so he could have enjoyed a great experience if the pranksters had not put his scooter out of action! We never recommend racing scooters however this was a fun feature in a controlled environment. As a specialist supplier since 2007 our assessment-led service delivers life changing independence to disabled people through careful provision and considered service.”


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