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Respected OT Kate Sheehan to present “Bathing is Better” seminars with Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions at OT Show


Working in conjunction with Abacus, Kate Sheehan and Simon Murnane, Occupational Therapists, will be delivering OT Show seminars focusing on the justification of an accessible bath to ensure positive occupational outcomes.

Dates and times:     21st November, 11:10 – 11:40

                                22nd November, 11:20 – 11:50
Location:                 Innovation Theatre, OT Show, NEC Birmingham, 21-22 November

Seminar Title:          “Bathing is Better”

Speakers:                Kate Sheehan and Simon Murnane, Occupational Therapists, The OT Service –                                          in association with Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions

Most children and adults living with a disability in the UK prefer to bathe rather than shower. Nevertheless many Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) will only provide funding for accessible showering adaptations or wet rooms. This viewpoint can be regularly based on the misconception that an accessible bath is more expensive to specify than conversion of an existing bathroom – in many situations this is simply not true.

The clear benefits of bathing versus showering when living with disability may also not be fully recognised or appreciated. Healthcare professionals involved with bathing grant applications will assess what is ‘necessary and appropriate’ as part of their duty of care. However if a bath is not provided in some circumstances due to perceived budget constraints, a detrimental outcome on lifestyle, well-being and independence may be likely.

Therefore these OT Show seminars will highlight clinical and legislative evidence to support bath justification and funding. The presentations will demonstrate:

  • Legislative facts that justify the provision of a hi-lo bath
  • Wellbeing-related benefits of bathing instead of showering
  • Safety benefits of choosing a height adjustable bath instead of an accessible wet room
  • Practical and cost benefits of choosing a bath instead of an accessible shower
  • Benefits to Occupational Therapists of prescribing a specialist bath for clients

The educational content will include a selection of client case studies that underline evidence-based results and highlight the Abacus #BathingIsBetter campaign which is empowering parents.

About Kate Sheehan

With over 30 year’s clinical experience, Kate Sheehan is one of the UK’s most respected independent Occupational Therapists. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in client assessment, bathroom accessibility and housing design. Kate is a Director of The OT Service and is educational lead for the Abacus CPD training programme and ‘Lunch and Learn’ bathing workshops.  

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