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Pioneering SitnStand achieves OTAC debut success supported by respected OT Kate Sheehan


SitnStand, the new Portable Smart Rising Seat from Life Assistant Ltd, has generated significant interest from healthcare professionals at OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptation Conferences), supported by the endorsement of leading OT Kate Sheehan.

Expertly developed over a decade by the Israeli specialist innovator Life Assistant, SitnStand is a unique, portable battery-powered solution that enables safe and independent sitting and standing. It provides a stable and controlled height adjustable platform so more controlled sit-to-stand transfers can be achieved from any chair whilst reducing the risk of falls and musculoskeletal strains. Available through nationwide UK dealers, this lightweight and transportable solution is ideal for users with limited mobility and facilitates safe standing within the home and the wider external environment. No other solution provides the opportunity to add powered assistance to existing non-functional furniture whilst maintaining comfort and flexibility.

At the recent OTAC events in Leeds and Exeter, Kate Sheehan from The OT Service, provided on-stand talks for healthcare professionals which focused on safe standing transfers and featured the new SitnStand. OTAC delegates were able to gain invaluable information and critically reflect on their understanding of sitting/standing and its impact on meaningful activity.

Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist and Director of The OT Service comments: “SitnStand has inspired Occupational Therapists, as its innovation and design has led to a product that fits well with the ethos of Occupational Therapy. Due to its portability, it opens up a whole world of activities that clients want to do in their home, community and whilst travelling, therefore promoting health and wellbeing.”

Delegates engaged with Gal Goldner, SitnStand Co-Founder and CEO at OTAC. He explained to attendees that SitnStand offers a revolutionary and flexible alternative, or complementary solution, to rise and recliner chairs and intrusive home adaptations. Gal adds: “We are delighted with the positive reaction we have received from OTAC attendees and thrilled that OT Kate Sheehan has recognised the value of our product. For many people, difficultly standing up negatively impacts on their quality of life. This can result in the need for extra support and greater budget strain on social care – either through carer home visits or a care home place. SitnStand helps maintain independence at home and also facilitates re- enablement back into the community. We have considerately designed SitnStand so that individuals with limited mobility can live life on their own terms and benefit from greater inclusion now and in the future.”


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