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NHS prosthetic funding already inspiring the next generation of Paralympians



The £1.5m fund that was put out to help children in need of prosthetics has already begun inspiring the next generation of Paralympic athletes. 13 year old Ben Moore from Brighton was among the children to benefit from the funding and has received a new running blade that has inspired him to take on the world at the Paralympic games in upcoming years. Along with running blades, the fund will also help supply children with arm attachments designed to help children play basketball, and swim fins.

The chief executive of LimbPower, Keira Roche, said that the fund is “a really positive step”. LimbPower is a charity dedicated to helping people with amputees and limb impairments to engage in sports and athletics.

It was during the Paralympics in Rio that the fund was announced by Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary. “Every child should be able to participate in sport. Team GB surpassed everyone’s expectations at last year’s Paralympics and this investment will ensure the next generation of children who have either been born without a limb or who have lost a limb will be able to lead an active live” said Hunt, “It’s wonderful that the first children are now receiving their blades and they will be able to reach their sporting potential. I hope some may even be selected in the future as members of Team GB.”

Richard Whitehead a three time paralympic medalist who also uses prosthetic running blades said, “Having run thousands of miles on prosthetics myself, I’m delighted to see the next generation take their first steps in experiencing the freedom of running whether just for general enjoyment or towards achieving their own Paralympic ambitions.”

Ben is just one example of how this funding is changing the lives of children all over the country,  inspiring future athletes and allowing them to do exactly that, enjoy freedom. Soon it will be children like Ben inspiring future generations thanks to the opportunities this fund has given them.

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