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New Project to Improve Patient Care and Save NHS Funds


In Wakefield, there is a project developing that aims to keep patients out of the hospital and get them home sooner when they do need to go. The project currently focuses on the elderly, but if it continues to grow would have benefits that would reach into countless aspects of health care.

The main project consists of six members of different branches of the healthcare community, a health care assistant, a occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, and three mental health nurses. The six professionals work together to create a plan on how to best care for a patient that will ideally keep them out of the hospital or at the very least make the stay as short as possible.

The goal of the project is to improve health care nationwide and at the same time, save the NHS money. While patient care is the main concern, in this case it goes hand in hand with NHS savings. Fewer patients in the hospital for long periods of time is estimated to save £5.3m a year if the project is being utilised over the entire district by 2021.

Hopefully this project is a glimpse of things to come in innovative health care that can both save NHS funding while at its, core improve patient care.

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