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New moves: Christchurch Group appoints Business Development Director


Christchurch Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Sheila Manisier, an experienced Business Development professional to the position of Business Development Director.

Sheila has extensive experience of the health sector with a particular interest in specialist healthcare services for people with complex needs and brain injury rehabilitation.

Training as a nurse in the 1980’s, Sheila specialised in working with people with learning disabilities and complex needs in both NHS and Local Authority services before moving into management.

Richard Mckenzie, CEO of the neurological rehabilitation group told us:

‘This is an exciting appointment for Christchurch Group.  Sheila brings several decades of experience and has worked closely with Health and Social Care Commissioners and Case Managers.  She can also relate to our patients and is driven by the challenge of delivering the best possible service to each person.”

Sheila has worked in Business Development for the specialist health and social care sector for the last 13 years and she’s looking forward to helping to drive Christchurch Group forward:

‘My role is centred around establishing and maintaining relationships with people who commission our services.  I’ll be working with our teams across the country to ensure that we’re consistently delivering the right specialist neurological rehabilitation services to meet the needs of the people in our care.  I am passionate about delivering the best care and treatment whilst offering value for money to our health care commissioners.

“This role is particularly exciting because Christchurch Group offers such a diverse range of brain injury, spinal and neurological services for patients requiring ventilation/tracheostomy care through to detained patients and community-based rehabilitation.”

Christchurch Group has grown into a leading provider of specialist neurological rehabilitation that offers a range of specialist services across eight centres in York, Lincoln, Birmingham, Northampton, Bedford and Harwell in Oxfordshire.


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