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Mind, Body and Spirit


I Chakra believe the mind has a very strong influence on the state and health of the physical body. For the body to be in good health there has to be balance of the mind, body and spirit. If this balance is correct then there is the feeling of wellbeing, the body is more energetic, and we feel more vitalised. There will be the feeling of happiness and the harmonious balance will show through in how we look.

Of course there are always outside influences that we have no control over. Stress is probably one of the biggest health problems today and our inability to deal with the excess stress can manifest itself in a large variety of ways. Tension headaches are a classic and are nearly always a result of some form of stress. Tense aching muscles which can lead to feeling tired and sluggish, and a rise in blood pressure are just a few ways that our physical being can react to stress. So to bring our mind, body and spirit back into harmony, we need to reduce the outside influences that cause the disharmony. Of course this isn’t always possible so we need to find ways in which we are more able to cope with the stresses while at the same time keeping a balance between our mind, body and spirit.

Positive thinking influences the emotions, which can influence health and life. If a person is able to stay positive then a great number of illnesses can be eliminated. But one has to be totally honest with oneself.

Yes, a lot of stresses can be pinpointed to a certain situation in the current day-to-day life, but sometimes a problem can be more deep rooted. It may be a long standing resentment, fear, grief or a number of other emotions that may be so deep rooted that you may not remember them, or even realise that they are an issue. To get them, you may need to emotionally start peeling back the layers to reach the root cause. So it is not always good to bottle up your emotion, because to do so can manifest into all sorts of emotional and physical problems.

The holistic therapies can help us to restore and maintain the balance of the mind, body and spirit, but the individual needs to want to take responsibility for their own health and want to be open to the holistic therapies to get the best benefit from them.

Aromatherapy using essential oils can be very effective way to help restore and maintain the balance between the mind, body and spirit. Choosing the right oils for a person can have a profound effect on them. Essential oils that are top notes can be used when the minds need a lift, when the client is feeling despondent and has difficulty concentrating. They are also revitalising and energising. Middle notes can be balancing and stabilising, and so are good for people that suffer with mood swings and confusion. Base notes have a relaxing, sedative affect and can help with all sorts of intense feeling like stress, grief and fear. The oils can be used in a variety of ways. As the oils are volatile, they evaporate and can be inhaled. The tiny molecules can enter the body through the nose and into the lungs, where it is picked up by the blood circulation and onto the rest of the body. Inhalation allows a Balancedirect access to the brain and so can start work very quickly on the emotions and then mind. Using massage to apply the oils works not only by inhalation, but also through absorption through the skin. Using essential oils in the bath is relaxing, as well as the essential oils entering the body by inhalation and absorption to get into the bloodstream.

Therefore the use of essential oils can ease a lot of mental anxiety, which manifests into physical problems, usually once the mind is at ease, and the physical problems are alleviated, and bringing mind body and spirit back into balance with each other.

The link between mind, body and spirit goes back thousands of years, back to ancient civilisation. Different cultures throughout the ages have given emphasis to all aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual. Although through time ideas have gradually changed. The primitive belief was that ill health and bad luck was the result of outside influences, that evil spirits or curses from an enemy were to blame. To rid themselves of these illnesses and curses they would have rituals, which would involve the use of aromatics and incense. These incenses, would in their eyes, please the Gods and the Gods would look kindly on them and release them from the illness or curse. This showed that even in primitive belief there was an association with smell and the minds, and once the balance was re-established, then the balance of mind, body and spirit would follow.

A modern day example of how mind, body and spirit can influence each other is the story of Brandon Bays. In the summer of 1992, she was diagnosed as having a tumour in her stomach the size of a basketball. Against the doctor’s advice she turned down surgery to remove the tumour. She knew deep down that she could cure herself. She set about a strict detoxifying regime and dedicated herself to clearing herself out of all the old emotional junk that she had been bottling up for years, much of which she had on a conscious level, forgotten about. Combining this with a number of cleansing and soul-searching practises, she managed within six and a half weeks to cure herself of the tumour. She went to hospital to have tests done and they declared her free of any trace of tumour. So she managed to bring the balance back by first of all clearing out the emotional clutter that has manifested into a physical condition, hence the physical condition disappeared. She wrote her story in the hope it would help others to help themselves, and it was published under the title “The Journey” in 1999


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