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Loopwheels reduce jolting and vibration for users of manual wheelchairs


Loopwheels launched their shock-absorbing wheelchair wheels at Naidex in 2015. They were delighted to be awarded the accolade of “Best Product in show”. Since then, this small UK manufacturer has gone from strength to strength as word has spread about the benefits of putting suspension within the wheel itself.

“We always offer visitors to our stand the opportunity to swap out the wheels on their chair for a trial with loopwheels, because the best way to experience the benefits of suspension wheels is to try them yourself on your own chair. It’s really rewarding to see a smile on a visitor’s face when they tell you that their ride felt so much smoother with loopwheels, and see their confidence grow as they try loopwheels over an obstacle.” explained Loopwheels co-founder Gemma Pearce. “This year we ‘re looking forward to meeting many new visitors who’ll be trying loopwheels for the first time, as well as catching up with some of our ‘early-adopters’ who have been using loopwheels since 2015. We’ll have demo wheels available in two sizes and hope that any one who wants to will be able to have a go with loopwheels on their chair, or on one of ours.”

Loopwheels have stiff carbon composite springs in place of traditional spokes, and it’s these loop-shaped springs that provide the suspension and help you get over kerbs, uneven paving and other obstacles more easily and more comfortable.

Whilst the wheels were designed primarily for their enhanced technical performance, they look stunning too.  You can buy loopwheels in bright colours as well as a more discrete black, and you can even choose combinations of colours in a wheel to give your wheelchair a truly personal look.

Loopwheels are designed and manufactured in the UK. The Nottinghamshire company sell loopwheels direct to the public from its small factory shop, as well as through distributors and dealers. This small UK family business is a real UK export success story, with stockists of Loopwheels in 18 countries around the world. People appreciate the benefits they get from the technical performance of the wheels, but many love the look and the bright colours too, and it is often the unusual loops that first attract attention.

At their stand at Naidex, Loopwheels will also be exhibiting the CarboLife range of ergonomic hand rims. Loopwheels are the UK distributor for this German brand of fantastically well designed and engineered hand rims, and you can by them from Loopwheels to fit to your standard wheels as well as to go with loopwheels. Particularly popular in the CarboLife range is the Gekko push rim. The Gekko’s perfect ergonomics and outstanding grip properties along with its low weight make the Gekko hand rim an outstanding choice for any one with either full or limited hand strength. The Gekko has a robust replaceable rubber strip, which is fully integrated into the profile of the rim, creating unrivalled comfort. The anodized low friction surface on the sides of the rim prevent heat generation during braking. The Gekko push rim is one of the best products on the market right now.

Come and find out for yourself the benefits of suspension loopwheels and the Gekko push rim at Stand A41 at Naidex at the NEC


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