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Liverpool Resident is fabulous at 107


One Resident at HC-One’s Moss View care home, in Huyton, has just celebrated her 107th birthday.

Elsie, pictured, spent the morning of her birthday reading over 100 birthday cards that had been sent from the local St Aloysius primary school children, as well as chocolates and flowers. She also received birthday cards from two local childrens’ nurseries; Little Einstein’s nursery and Busy Bees children’s nursery in Childwall. Admiring the beautiful artwork, Elsie was delighted reading all the lovely birthday wishes.

But, Elsie’s highlight of the day was receiving her 7th birthday card from the Queen.

Elsie was born 24th March 1914 in Walton road and she attended Walton Lane school.

Her first job, at the age of 20, was a supervisor at Dunlop’s shoe factory which was located opposite Walton hospital

Elsie lived a few doors away from the local butchers where Tom Robinson worked. Tom would try to get Elsie’s attention by banging on the butcher’s board very loudly. One day Tom cut his had badly whilst cutting a piece of beef and Elsie went to aid him. It was this that sealed their relationship.

The two married and had two children. Elsie had her first child at 37 her son Tom, then Elizabeth at age 40. The family were evacuated to Wales but Elsie’s husband Tom stayed in Liverpool. They stayed in a cottage (two up two down), with no gas no electricity, water or toilet. Elsie would have to go to a stop tap 100 yards away to get water. The toilet was just a shoot that went down to the river. They lived there for five years.

In 1945 they owned a butcher’s shop in St Helens, Elsie also worked in the butcher’s shop and the family lived above it. They would start work at 6am, and because there were no fridges then, they would auction the meat off at midnight.

Elsie and her husband went on to own two butchers’ shops and a sweet shop on Walton Road

They later moved to Gatacre.


After Elsie’s husband had sadly passed away, she moved to Southport road where she would boarder school teachers. It was at this time Elsie started to get involved in investing and made some very good investments.

Elsie then later moved to Tudor Court and now lives at Moss view Care Home.

When asked about what her secret is to her youthful looks, Elsie said that she always loved dancing. Dancing was a big part of Elsie’s life and she passed many exams. Elsie was still dancing and traveling up to the age of 95.

Elsie finished her birthday enjoying a party buffet, some refreshments and of course some delicious birthday cake made by the home’s Chef

Lesley, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “We were overwhelmed at the generosity and thoughtfulness from the local community. The school children and nursery children made some beautiful cards. Elsie was delighted reading them all. It really cheered her up!”


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