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clos-o-mat-andrew-watkins“The term ‘life-changing’ is probably over-used nowadays but in this case it is accurate”: so says Andrew Watkins, talking about his toilet lifter.

He elaborates, “My Aerolet Vertical Toilet Lift has changed my life as it has given me back my independence, privacy and dignity. I can now manage all my toileting needs on my own.”

The Aerolet toilet lift, supplied by Clos-o-Mat, can fit over most WCs. It gently raises and lowers the user over the lavatory. The unit replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up, automatically and smoothly lowering the user over and onto the toilet and then raising them to standing whilst ensuring their centre of gravity and thus balance remains stable.

The Aerolet’s operation is all controlled by the push of a button via integral arm supports, which simultaneously provide additional bracing for the user. Vertical and Tilt options are available, the Vertical benefitting people with upper body strength but who cannot bend their knees whilst the Tilt suits users with control over their lower limbs who may lack upper body strength.

Andrew, aged 42, from Portadown, cannot stand from a seated position without assistance, in his case as a result of muscle wasting disorder, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type III. He already uses various lifting aids, including a vertically rising recliner chair, office chair and bed.

For Andrew’s intimate care, his Occupational Therapist had devised a modified, raised toilet frame to help him, but it was unsafe, and had to be removed every time anyone else needed to use the toilet.

“With my disability I need my legs locked straight to stand- I need a seat height of 81cm to get my legs straight and stand unaided. With the toilet frame I had been using, I kept getting stuck, and needing help, and even fell off it! I needed to find an alternative. I came across the Clos-o-Mat website searching online and the extensive information there helped me confirm the Aerolet was well-suited to my requirements, as it is able to go higher than I need.

“Clos-o-Mat was able to demonstrate it at my home; after trying it just once, I knew it was perfect and ordered one straight away! It is probably the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased to help with my daily needs- and I have purchased a lot! It means a normal part of daily living is made so much easier and safer,” he says.

Clos-o-Mat is the UK’s leading supplier of toileting technology for disabled and elderly people. In addition to the Aerolet range of toilet lifts, it manufactures and supplies the brand-leading wash & dry toilet, the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita, and its height adjustable counterpart the Lima Lift, plus a selection of personal care ancillaries- height adjustable washbasins, hoists, changing benches.

Founded 55 years ago, and still family-owned, the company is unique in its provision, in-house, of design advice, supply, closomatinstallation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance. Details of the Clos-o-Mat’s assistive toilet care offerings, plus further case studies from real-life users, can be found on Clos-o-Mat’s website


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