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Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, New Lodge


Caring for the elderly is one of society’s greatest challenges. Even though science and research has enabled us to live longer and The Lodgehealthier, there comes a time when a person’s reduced autonomy may make it necessary to move into a care facility.  Architects and Designers can contribute to overcoming these challenges by designing with elderly people’s individual needs in mind and working with manufacturers who have DSDC approved products in their portfolio.

Paying particular attention to contrast, texture and colour we can adapt environments to ensure they are suitable for elderly people, including those residents living with Dementia.   A space can, and should be designed to be stimulating, welcoming and comfortable to live in.  Flooring has its role to play – in overcoming resident anxiety, making an area easier to navigate and preventing slips, trips and falls.

As a thought leader in Healthcare, Tarkett were able to offer their knowledge and expertise in line with Diana Celella and The Drawing Room Interior Team’s requirements. It was essential to achieve the right design, considering important aspects such as light reflectance values and safety.  Adam Dimmock, one of Tarkett’s Healthcare Specification Consultants, was also able to present Tarkett’s unique VR-Empathy Platform, which is a virtual reality specification tool that allows for true empathy-base design. This tool takes in to account the 12 Dementia Design Principles, enabling people to see through the eyes of a person living with Dementia. By seeing the different floor types and colours in situ through this filter, designers are able to choose the most appropriate flooring specification.

The flooring design incorporated a range of Tarkett’s flooring materials, including Safetred Wood for a more homely feel, whilst also offering slip resistance, Safetred Universal to minimise the risk of slips and falls and Primo Safe.T to provide a slip resistant floor in wet areas, for both bare foot and shoe traffic.

Adam and the team at Tarkett are really proud of the design and to have worked with Diana on this project.

Troy Hackett

Regional Sales Manager.


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