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Innovative sensory tech case study from Naidex exhibitor Autumn UK


One of the exciting innovations launching at Naidex 2017 is the freestanding Bubble Wall from Autumn UK. These dynamic windows filled with bubbles and colour are designed to be a sensory feature to aid with both soothing movement and colour.

Below is a case study with Jane, whose daughter Emily has been using the current model for years. Amy is 16 year’s old and suffers from Refsum Disease which presents in cognitive challenges such as deaf-blindness, global learning disability, and global disability delay.

Case Studyruralblog_3915

Q: Your Name?

A: Jane (Emily’s mum)

Q: Please outline any cognitive challenges:

A: Refsum disease (deaf-blindness, global learning disability, global disability delay)

Q: What is Emily’s age?

A: 16

Q: How long have you had the Bubble Wall?

A: We bought the bubble wall around 4-5 years ago, when Amy was 12 years old.

Q: Where has the Bubble Wall fitted within your home?

A: The bubble wall has been fitted on the second floor in our house, in the shower unit.

Q: What were your thoughts of the size of the Bubble Wall?

A: I was quite impressed with the size of the Bubble Wall, I was looking for something different like this.

Q: What was the main reason you wanted one?

A: The main reason why I wanted a Bubble Wall was because my daughter liked it, we wanted to make a bathroom room for her with shower enclosure, just to make the showering experience more fun and to make her feel more comfortable when she is looking at the bubbles.

Q: What do you like best about the Bubble Wall?

A: The change of the colours on the Bubble Wall is quite relaxing and Emily really enjoys watching how the speed of the bubbles is changing, especially when the bubbles go up.

Q: What would you say are the main benefits of the Bubble Wall?

A: The different variety of colours gives you so many options to choose from, which provides an interactive, colourful and therapeutic experience.

We can’t wait to see all the benefits that the freestanding model will offer! You can visit them at Stand G56.


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