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Individual Style and Comfort with Chic Aid Crutches


ruralblog_3917 (1)From personalised Blue Badge holders to unique prosthetics, customers are buying in their thousands to have something as individual as they are!

The sale of mobility equipment in the UK has risen by over 92% in the last 10 years and you only need to look around to see why. One of the main reasons for this rise is due to people living longer and more independent lives. Another major factor, is the variety of products on sale to consumers in today’s market, a brilliant example of this is the fantastic ranges of crutches available both online and in stores up and down the country. With many different styles and colours to choose from, customers can buy something that is not only comfortable and stylish but is personal to them. However, some consumers are going the extra mile and searching for crutches that can be made to the client’s unique requirements.

One such client is Amputee Footballer of the Year 2016, Ben Houghton, who is sponsored by Chic Aid Crutches. At 27 years of age Ben plays for Peterborough United Amputees and the Great Britain Amputee Football Team. He has competed in 2 World Cups and has been shortlisted to go to Turkey in October this year to play for his country again. Ben’s football kit whilst playing for Great Britain is Blue and White, so it seemed like a ‘match’ made in heaven when he found that he could have colour co-ordinated crutches to boot.

But, the customization of crutches doesn’t have to stop at colour, oh no… what about crystal encrusted crutches? That is exactly what the victims of the Alton Towers Crash opted for. Joe Pugh and Leah Washington were teenagers at the time of the accident and Vicky Balch was just 20 years of age, both girls lost a leg and Joe sustained serious injuries to his knee and hand. During the aftermath of the crash, Crystals & Crutches made the girls a pair of crystal encrusted crutches and Joe a pair of embellished crutches to use throughout their rehabilitation. Vicky Balch stated “I get so many comments on how beautiful they are! They definitely cheered me up!”.

People express themselves creatively with their hair or what clothes they chose to wear. How people look can have a positive impact on their outlook and self confidence. Why not look past the obvious and opt for something individual, comfortable, and personal d shop around to find your perfect product?

Mobility aids have come such a long way from the boring, grey, noisy & uncomfortable items they once were. They can now be positive conversation starters, statement pieces or just plain style without the compromise on comfort.

Say NO to GREY!

Chic Aid Crutches featuring Crystals & Crutches (Coming Soon!)




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