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Government Agrees to Implement Caldicott Recommendations on Cyber Security and Consent


The wide-ranging review examines whether health and social care data security is adequate; giving recommendations for improvement. The Government’s response backs NHS Digital to support local organisations through a number of measures as they seek to protect against future attacks.  techUK is working in partnership with NHS Digital to ensure that the NHS has access to best products and practice in Cyber Security.

The second part of the review proposes a new consent / opt-out model so that people can choose whether their personal confidential data is used for purposes beyond their direct care. The Government has said it will make it easy for patients to simply opt-out of data-sharing for research and planning purposes.

Commenting, Julian David, CEO at techUK, said:

“There have been genuine reasons for the late coming of this response but, as the Wannacry attacks showed, we can’t afford to delay when it comes to data security. There are huge clinical benefits to sharing patient data but it needs to be done in a safe, effective and consented manner.

“We look forward to working through our partnership with NHS Digital to ensure that we all capture the benefits of a digitised health system.”


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