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Going to the Beach



When you think about going on holiday, your mind conjures up an image of relaxing on a beach, lying back on the soft sand as the sun beats down on you with the soothing sound of the waves as your soundtrack. But for people with a physical disability, making this a reality may seem challenging; however, there are ways to ensure you enjoy the beach holiday you’ve been dreaming about. 

Beach Resorts

Finding the beach on which you can act out the images created in your mind is becoming a much easier search; resorts are rapidly becoming more disabled-friendly, with many around Europe offering accessible accommodation and extensive support services.

It’s always wise to be wary of the deckchair. Although they look comfy and the perfect way to relax under the sun, they do present a potential problem for a disabled user, where getting out of them can be challenging, so looking around for alternatives could be a wiser move.

On the Beach 

Mobility on beaches can always present potential problems to a disabled visitor. Beaches with firm sand makes movement easier, but other beaches are still accessible. It’s always a good idea to take other supportive devices, like a walking stick, especially if you do visit a beach with deep sand.

Taking your wheelchair to the beach has the potential to present its own problems; getting stuck in the sand presents a potential risk to both you and your wheelchair. That’s why specially designed beach wheelchairs are built for this type of terrain, so you can enjoy your surroundings without the fear of getting trapped by the sand. More and more resorts now offer a beach wheelchair hire service.


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