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Future Tech at Naidex


 Every day new technology is developed to help give greater control and more freedom to people living with disability. From bespoke ruralblog_2324-1wheelchairs to the most advanced robotics, driverless cars and so much more, we are witnessing groundbreaking developments and staggering advancements year on year.

The innovations of burgeoning technology give people more choice, improved access and greater freedom in their daily lives. Some of the most exciting developments and astounding technological advancements will revolutionise the lives of many people. The latest eye-tracking technology enables people to use computers or mobile devices by moving the cursor through movements of the eyes and head.

This new feature is a great opportunity for developers to work new functionality and greater access into their products. Users interact with their device using their eyes in a similar way that users control a mouse, capable of selecting, zooming, and scrolling, etc. Only requiring the movement of the eye, it is the ideal solution for those with paralysis, spinal cord injury, and motor disabilities.

Developers are creating new technology to help and entertain people with limited movement. Naidex provides an opportunity for developers to meet their audience and get invaluable face-to-face feedback on their product; secure investment, generate interest and excitement, and give their product the best possible launch. Come along and try the latest apps and devices for limited movement and a huge selection of the latest intelligently designed adaptive equipment.

Focusing on the most advanced products in the adaptive technology industry, this will be a breeding ground for innovation and a testament to the commitment and ingenuity of the companies working towards improving the lives of people living with disability.

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