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Five ways Skills for Care’s Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set can help you


How do the Government and other key stakeholders understand the issues facing social care? One of the ways is via data collected within the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS).

ASC-WDS is the leading source of intelligence for the adult social care workforce in England. It’s commissioned and funded by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and managed by Skills for Care.

The important data within ASC-WDS comes from social care providers inputting information about their workforce.

This data has recently been used to inform Government thinking on topics including the implications of Brexit and the impact of National Living Wage changes, allowing social care providers to add their voice to these crucial discussions.

Around 20,000 social care providers currently use ASC-WDS, including almost two thirds of all ‘Outstanding’ rated providers.

Skills for Care will soon be launching a new ASC-WDS Benefits Bundle which will provide new and existing ASC-WDS account holders with special offers and discounts across Skills for Care’s products.

As well as providing vital sector insight and providing access to special offers, ASC-WDS directly benefits adult social care providers in many ways.

Manage your staff records

 ASC-WDS provides safe and free storage for staff records. You can use ASC-WDS to keep your staff records securely in one place and can add all necessary employment details such as contract information, as well as your team members’ personal details.

This provides an easy way to keep all staff details updated and access these records easily whenever needed.

Monitor training needs

 One of the main benefits which ASC-WDS users report is how the service helps them to monitor and meet their staff’s training needs.

You can store all staff training records on ASC-WDS to keep updated with what training has been done and what’s required. You can specify which training is mandatory for each role which makes it really easy to tailor each individual staff member’s training requirements and ensure this is kept up-to-date. The system will alert you whenever training is set to expire.

ASC-WDS also provides access to certain training programmes which are only available to providers who have an ASC-WDS account, such as the Rapid induction programme. This was developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis and aims to support new entrants into care complete essential training.

You need to have an ASC-WDS account to access this useful training.

Access funding

 As well as training opportunities, ASC-WDS also provides adult social care providers with exclusive funding opportunities, including the Workforce Development Fund.

The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is funding from DHSC disseminated by Skills for Care which can be used to cover the cost of a range of development opportunities and qualifications for your team.

You must have an up-to-date ASC-WDS account to apply for this funding.

WDF is now open for 2021/22 applications:

Gain sector insights

 CQC regulated care homes with nursing, care only homes and domiciliary care providers can use ASC-WDS to compare data from your workplace against similar organisations. You can find out where you rank in workforce metrics for pay, turnover, sickness, and staff qualifications.

The system can measure you against workplaces providing the same main service as you in your local authority and can also show you the data for ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ providers or workplaces with a low turnover rate in your area.

This function will also soon be available for other types of care provider.

Make your voice heard and shape policy

 The benefits of ASC-WDS extend beyond your individual organisation.

 The adult social care sector faces many challenges, and with the data you provide in ASC-WDS, you help to provide the Government and policy makers with a true picture of the sector and highlight the areas that most need support. ASC-WDS means that all care providers can make their voice heard.

The data from ASC-WDS is also used to create key reports which everyone across the sector can make use of to support the sector.

The annual ‘State of the adult social care sector and workforce’ report is an important resource. The analysis provides insights into the impact of policy changes and economic shifts, which, in turn helps to inform longer-term thinking for the sector.

Find out more about ASC-WDS and sign up:



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