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‘Changing From A Care Home To Full-time Live-in Carer’

Key statistics:

  • Live-in care enables one-to-one care ratio
  • Single point of contact (care team) throughout process

Here’s an overview of points to consider when changing from a care home to a full-time, live-in carer, complete with links to some of our more in-depth resources:

How your loved one can benefit from a live-in carer

By choosing a live-in care arrangement, your loved one can benefit from:


Enhanced care quality

With live-in care, you achieve a one-to-one care ratio. A small team of highly trained carers – often specialising in specific medical conditions – will be on hand day and night.

We regularly upskill our carers to ensure they’re kept up-to-date with the latest care methods and procedures.



A live-in carer will encourage clients to stay as independent as possible, aiding them with daily activities that have become more difficult to help give them a sense of purpose and dignity.


They get to stay in a familiar environment, surrounded by their support network of friends, family, neighbours and pets.


Live-in care bypasses the need to move your loved one out of their current residence, therefore removing practical logistic and financial hurdles.


The dedicated care team will assess the suitability of the home to compensate for age-related conditions.
How to change from residential care to a live-in care package


Our care team will carry out an assessment of the home when they’re first brought in, with a view to mitigating for medical conditions. The home will then be re-assessed as needs change over time. We take full responsibility for domestic duties and administration.



We take a consultative approach, opening a dialogue to enable the family and our client to have a meaningful say in how best to compose their care package. A small, dedicated care team means you get a single point of contact throughout the care process.
We use our extensive experience to guide care standards across the industry and inform national policy.


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