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Care Sector response to government announcement of testing of care home residents and staff.


The National Care Forum (NCF), the national body for the not for profit care sector, has responded to the government announcement that there will be testing for all residents who are symptomatic, and care staff who are self isolating.

Ms. Vic Rayner, Executive Director of NCF says “This is welcome news from the government, but comes way too late in the day. The care sector has been asking for this since day 1 of the pandemic, and the government has been extremely slow to respond to the emerging crisis. It seems that the mantra what gets measured matters has been applied to the lives of people in care homes, and without the vital test to tell us that many were suffering, ministers and officials were unable to see the impact of the pandemic outside of the hospital environment.”

Vic goes on to say “This needs to stop now. Social care is an essential service and needs to be treated as one. The government has told us we are in a battle with an unseen enemy, yet to date social care has been left to make do and mend – like the Dad’s Army of the battalion.  To win this war, the government needs to rapidly equip it’s whole army of health and social care with the equipment and the resources to fight the fight on every front.”


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