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Care home residents in Armley deliver powerful message to the community


War veterans at a HC-One care home in Leeds are urging the community to stay at home by delivering a powerful message during lockdown.

Staff at Rievaulx House have taken individual photos of Residents holding up cards displaying the message ‘we went to war for you, stay at home for us.’

The photographs deliver a strong message in order to encourage people to do their bit to overcome this new battle against coronavirus.

Rachael Hall, Home Manager at HC-One’s Rievaulx House, commented: “Our Residents are extremely passionate about people following the guidelines and staying at home to protect us all from the spread of coronavirus.

“I was exceptionally proud to see them come together to spread the word with these creative photographs.

“Seeing these images really helps you realise that staying indoors to keep family, friends and neighbours safe isn’t a big task. We are all in this together and are committed to keeping everybody safe during this pandemic.”
One of the Residents delivering the message in the photographs was a young girl who worked during the war as a switchboard operator and another worked as a machinist making parachutes.

Rachael Hall added: “It was fascinating for the team to hear Resident’s stories from the war, such as jobs they had during it, and their contribution to the war effort.”

Rievaulx House is based on Thornhill Road in Armley and specialises in hearing impairment and deafness as part of the HC-One family. Kindness is at the heart of all care delivered by the team and they work closely to ensure Residents are well cared for while still having access to their favourite hobbies and interests.

For more information about Rievaulx House, call 0333 999 8699.

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