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Big hearted residents commit to knit


PastedGraphic-5 Resident Audrey Musgrove Yarm care home residents are helping the Sailors’ Society by volunteering to knit woolly hats for seafarers who endure cold and icy conditions. The hats, balaclavas, fingerless mittens and neck warmers are given out to seafarers by chaplins and sea visitors throughout the year.


The nimble fingered residents at Reuben Manor care home are busy knitting for the needy seafarers. One resident said “Some of the seafarers are away from home for months on end, a hat is a simple but much needed gift. It tells them that the have not been forgotten and that someone cares about them being warm.”  


Activity Co-ordinator Ann Smith said “Knitting can be meditative, creative and a social activity. It has many therapeutic benefits and is a good tool for wellbeing. Knitting involves a complex, bilateral and co-ordinated pattern of movements so uses a lot of brain capacity. Also the repetitive movement involved in knitting is believed to enhance the release of serotonin which can help people feel calmer and happier.” 


Julie Peyton, Home Manager at Reuben Manor said “The laughing, talking and sharing that goes on whilst these RUBENS MAOR CARE HOMEresidents are knitting is a great way for residents to relax and socialise  with each other whilst also helping the Sailors’ Society.”


The Sailors’ Society is a not-for-profit international Christian charity working in ports around the world where the need is greatest.


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