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Assistive Technology in Home Design


ruralblog_2310-1Assistive technology is designed to assist people with disabilities gain a greater degree of independence and well-being by enhancing their ability to perform the tasks that they may have been unable to previously. 

There are many electronic products and systems in a variety of shapes and sizes that monitor activity, manage risks, increase security, and much more. This article looks at three assistive technologies that can be implemented into a house designed for a disabled occupant.

Telecare Systems

This technology monitors people and their environment through a main unit and multiple sensors spread around the occupant’s home, which is then linked to monitoring centre or carer, enabling them to call for help or trigger an alert for assistance should they need it. The system allows a degree of independence for its user, and provides them with the knowledge that support is available if they require it.

The telecare system covers a wide range of potential areas of risk areas for a disabled home owner, including falls, periods of inactivity, and even gas leaks.

Telehealth Systems

Telehealth is an extraordinary innovation that allows an occupant’s health to be monitored by a professional in a remote location. Just like the telecare system, the base unit and multiple sensors sit in the occupant’s home and is connected to a monitoring centre, there readings are collected and analysed.

The devices monitor heart conditions, diabetes, oxygen levels, epilepsy, and more.

Environmental Controls & Personal Locators

There are further technologies which add to safety and boost independence. Two of these are environmental controls, which can be used remotely by its user for activities such as opening or closing the front door or windows, and to turn domestic appliances on or off.

There’s also personal locators, which can be used to find someone who has ventured further than a pre-determined distance from their home. GPS is used to track the person and should they go further than they should, an alert will be sent.


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