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ADASS East Region continues digital transformation to improve quality and market insight


Following a pioneering and ground-breaking approach to digital transformation, ADASS East is now set to deliver integrated health and social care data working with HAS Technology and its PAMMS team, continuing an already successful partnership.

For several years, Directors of Adult Social Services in the east of England have been seeking ways to collect and use data collaboratively to drive improvements in their care market using the mantra to ‘do once, not 11 times’.

Working with the PAMMS team at HAS Technology, ADASS East has replaced manual monitoring systems and enabled market intelligence, quality and financial data to be accessed in one place, in real-time. This regional approach to digital transformation has already delivered efficiencies and improved quality to the ADASS East region.

The project is now entering a new phase with further developments to deliver integrated health and social care data to inform practice in relation to quality, risks, benchmarking, spend and market shaping.

Local authorities are empowered with information at a local, regional and sub regional level with secure role-based reporting bringing together disparate data and intelligence.

Guy Pettengell, Regional Strategic Procurement Manager (ADASS East) said “Having secured the necessary funding, I’m really excited to be working with our regional networks for contracting, markets and intelligence, in order to develop a central, integrated market insight tool with HAS Technology.

“Amongst other things, the new project will allow us to collect and analyse spend, placement and other relevant health and social care data, linking this with our existing PAMMS intelligence to help inform future commissioning decisions. The project will also help us better understand provider quality, mitigate risks and benchmark these factors across the region in support of more effective market shaping.”

PAMMS QA has been delivering measurable improvements in provider quality across the region with evidence of interventions. It’s provided effective risk management, including early warning of suppliers in possible difficulty.

Having this digital infrastructure in place for provider assessments has allowed the process to be quickly transformed into an online self-assessment process ensuring quality standards remain a priority despite the additional pressures brought about by the pandemic. Councils have been able to work in partnership with their providers to audit quality without having to undertake a site visit and, when the time is right, councils will easily be able to switch back to doing these in person.

Ben Chance, Head of PAMMS said “We are delighted to continue our partnership with ADASS East, delivering real-time data and analytics to inform decision-making, identify risks and support their Care Act responsibilities. Our ongoing partnership with ADASS East means we are now able to make the assessment methodology available to all Councils and support others to deliver the great outcomes they’ve achieved in the East of England.”

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