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The Road to Outstanding CQC Webinar


On the 25th March 2021, the CQC published their new strategy and regulatory approach. The strategy sets out how CQC will monitor and inspect services going forward, providers need to aware of these changes to plan their approach to regulatory compliance. W&P has reviewed these important changes and refreshed and updated our Road to Outstanding webinar to include:

  • The latest inspection statistics
  • CQC Themes 2020/21
  • The CQC’s new strategy and regulatory approach

The webinar still includes all the other essential elements of achieving the outstanding rating.

Webinar contents

• The regulations and understanding ratings

• The CQC’s new strategy and regulatory approach

• Outstanding and what it looks like

• The importance of Human Rights and Equality

• CQC Themes 2020/21 and Sources of Information

• The latest inspection statistics

• Key Lines of Enquiry and the 5 Key Domains

• Quality Assurance & Audit

• Evidencing Outstanding

• National Quality Boards

• Where do you start on your road?

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The Road to Outstanding CQC Training webinar is an in-depth look at what CQC defines as ‘Outstanding’ and how to build, in incremental stages, your service in order to gain such a rating. It is designed to assist you in Planning, Achieving and Maintaining an ‘Outstanding’ rating.

Webinar Audience

This live webinar is for providers of Adult Social Care Services regulated by CQC. This includes:

• Care Homes

• Nursing Homes

• Domiciliary Services

• Learning Disability

• Supported Living

• Other non hospital based community services

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For further information regarding W&P’s Road to Oustanding CQC webinar please visit or call 01305 767104.



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