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Occupational Therapists are bombarded on a daily basis about reduced budgets, service cuts and non-existent pay rises, so it is always refreshing to hear some positive news.

The Occupational Therapy Show is FREE; it will provide high quality, clinically relevant and cutting edge continuous professional development (CPD) by some of the most respected national and international authorities in the profession.

CPD is a critical part of life long learning, it’s key to continued registration and is highlighted as a significant part of the Standards of Performance and Ethics (1), CPD can come in many forms and the Occupational Therapy Show  can provide excellent evidence of your ongoing professional development. Meet an exhibitor and see what is new, attend one of their sessions in the showcase and innovation theatres, catch up with like minded colleagues for a coffee and chat or attend one of the amazing seminars.

Professor Michael Iwama is travelling from Canada to explain the latest conceptual model of Occupational Therapy (OT), The Kawa Model, and how it can be easily applied to everyday practice. By incorporating OT theory into daily practice, you can show real value to your service, not only to patients but also to the commissioning bodies contracting your services.

If you are wishing to drill down deeper in your clinical fields, Anne Corbett is going to inform Occupational Therapists working in paediatrics on outcome measures. Specifically on how and what to measure to make an impact.

Katrina Brannigan is a renowned OT educator and will also be speaking at the Occupational Therapy Show. Specialising in mental health, Katrina will highlight the existing evidence in this field of practice, how to use it to promote your service and how clinicians can be involved in growing further evidence to emphasise the benefits of OT.

Emerging areas of practice for OT’s are high on the agenda due to the changing climate within statutory services. Alice Hortop will talk about humour as a therapeutic intervention.  Alice recently spoke at the highly acclaimed Mental Health Day at Bethlam Museum of the Mind and will show how a person’s sense of humour could be used to improve occupational engagement and performance. Nicholas Deal will inform delegates of the benefits of working as an expert witness and what law firms are looking for when instructing an OT.

Finally, listen to Sam Shann speak about how the World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT) is influencing at a vey high level at the World Health Organisation (WHO) and how we can all get involved.

The world is getting smaller, there are 417,235 (2) Occupational Therapists world wide, and we need to work together, learn together and lobby together to promote our amazing profession. 

So come and see what Occupational Therapists can do as a profession at the Occupational Therapy Show, the team behind the show look forward to seeing you all there!

If you have yet to register for the Occupational Therapy show, visit alternatively call our delegate management team on 0207 348 5776 or 0207 348 1840.

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Kate Sheehan

Article written by Kate Sheehan,OT Services, independent practice


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