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Duty Station Gets a Voice As Nurse Call Provider Deploys Smart Application Driven Devices


Technology has moved on, yet even today the basic Nurse Call system is still being referred to as that “buzzer” or “bell” system.

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The modern Nurse Call system though couldn’t be anything further from the truth.  Take for example the new IP DUTY station from Austco.  It’s a smart device, similar to a tablet that can be a virtual call point, a call list annunciator or a workflow assistant. The latest version now has full VoIP (telephony) intercom and dialler capabilities as well as UK Collagebeing capable of displaying patient records. Workflows can be triggered manually or automatically to ensure sequenced tasks are performed and the use of smart devices can be extended to residents or patients to provide additional services like entertainment or meal ordering. One device can be tailored for patients or staff alike replacing simple buttons and bells with smarter, application rich panels. Behavioural profiling extensions provide the optimum balance between providing a secure care environment and limiting overly intrusive care. For added safety location technology can be added to limit access to areas that pose a direct risk to a resident or patient. Combined with the new low energy wireless call points a best in class hybrid system delivers the reliability of cabled infrastructure with the convenience and improved performance of the latest wireless technologies.

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