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Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo


1 million people in the UK are expected to have dementia by 2025. This means that more research needs to be conducted into creating solutions that can help care for people with dementia. In response to this, Alzheimer’s Society have invested £2m each into three new research centres of excellence at University of Newcastle, UCL and University of Exeter.

The first centre, hosted at the University of Newcastle will research methods that can improve the post-diagnostic support for people with dementia. Professor Louise Robinson and her team will develop and test new cost-effective and sustainable guidelines for dementia care and examine whether these guidelines can provide patients with the high-quality care they are entitled to.

Colin Capper, head of research development at Alzheimer’s Society, writes that one of the most shocking statistics to be shared regarding the care of people with dementia is that ‘just 2% of people affected by dementia believe homecare workers had sufficient dementia training’.

Accordingly, Dr. Claudia Cooper at UCL will lead a team of experts at the second centre who will be responsible for improving independence at home, by training and preparing family carers and care workers so they can provide better care.

The University of Exeter will host the final research centre and aims to identify ways to measure and improve certain aspects of quality of life for people with dementia.

To see presentations of such research from industry leading experts, register for your free ticket to attend the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo by calling 0117 990 2109.

One thing is for certain, strides are being made towards developing new research for dementia care. Another relatively new concept this year is the emergence of dementia friendly phone applications. Examples of such apps include RemindMeCare, an app that uses ‘reminiscence therapy to get people with dementia talking about their memories’ and MindMate, touted as ‘more like a friend’ than a tool. If your company develops applications that are purposely made for people with dementia, we’d like to hear from you to discuss exhibiting opportunities on 0117 929 6097.

The Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo is a trade-show for care home owners, that strives to inspire change in the industry – to register for your free ticket call 0117 990 2097. The event showcases state-of-the-art products, technology and trends that will not only reinvent and expand the technological capacity of the industry, but also help care and nursing home businesses improve the level of care and facilities they can offer their residents.

The care industry is compounded of a low supply and high demand; thus, homes have become complacent and are neglecting to adequately train, monitor and employ qualified staff. To amend the current mess the care industry finds itself in, growth needs to be generated. The Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo’s second key ethic is to improve and grow the businesses within the care and nursing home sector. The demand for space in care and nursing homes is anticipated to explode in the coming years. By facilitating growth in the care sector, we will see a rise in the number of spaces available. Homes will be forced to compete, culminating in a vast improvement to the services and facilities available. Those care homes who do not adapt and improve their services will find themselves squeezed out of the market, creating yet another increase in the quality of care and choice available.

3,000 care home owners and senior decision makers are due to attend the event on the 25th & 26th April 2018 at NEC, Birmingham. Tickets to the event are free, making this the must attend event for care home owners looking to develop and grow their care home businesses.

To enquire about exhibiting opportunities please contact: 0117 990 6097

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Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo


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