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Changing the Care Home Stigma: Components to Creating a Compliant Care Home and the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo.


There has been, at times, a stigma that surrounds the care industry – a recent CQC report for example, went as far as comparing the current care choice in the UK to ‘Russian roulette’. It’s vital this stigma is lifted. This article endeavours to pinpoint and develop on key factors that are important in running a reputable and compliant care home.

One of the most damning reports insinuated that the training of care home staff was inadequate. This also comes after a lot of negative press in the UK on care workers – you need only search care on Google news to find enough examples of negligent care. It goes without saying then, that one of the most important factors in running a compliant care home is making sure that every member of staff is well-trained, whilst paying attention to areas where specialist care such as dementia nursing is needed. In relation to staff, another key component of a reputable care home is the adequacy of the meals provided. For example, one initiative that may be worth pursuing is food moulds. Residents in care homes sometimes find it difficult to swallow food because of stroke or dementia; food moulds function to encourage them to eat more.

Having a variety of leisure and social activities is also instrumental to a care home’s success, and if you are a business that offers these programmes, we’d like to hear from you to discuss exhibiting opportunities on 0117 990 2109. The importance of having an operational leisure and activity programme is essential in maintaining and improving the health and mental wellbeing of care home residents. Some care home residents with conditions like dementia will struggle to interact and develop meaningful relationships with others. In providing an operational activity programme, residents are encouraged to interact with others and develop relationships that then enable them to become more independent in their daily living.

Finally, one of the most important factors in running a compliant care home appears in the name; home. We must remember that each resident would much rather be at ‘home’ but are, for health reasons, unable to be. Thus, a care home should be everything a home is – with the addition of care. Making sure a care home is a safe environment for every resident is crucial to success in the industry. Every room and social space needs to be of the utmost cleanliness and each personal space should be adapted to the needs of each resident. Most importantly, every resident should have their privacy, modesty, dignity and choices respected by anyone who has anything to do with the care home.

However, to successfully implement each of the factors above, changes to the industry need to be made. With the UK population of those older than 85 set to double over the next 25-30 years, there has never been a more urgent time to reinvent a care industry that isn’t working.

There is a lack of choice available to those in need of care and the industry has, because of this, become somewhat negligent in its responsibilities. The problem predominantly lies with the absence of enough credible care home facilities, as well as a low supply and high demand.

Accordingly, the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo was created – to register for your free ticket call 0117 990 2097. The event is a trade-show for care home owners, that strives to inspire change in the industry. The event showcases state-of-the-art products, technology and trends that will not only reinvent and expand the technological capacity of the industry, but also help care and nursing home businesses improve the level of care and facilities they can offer their residents.

The care industry is compounded of a low supply and high demand; thus, homes have become complacent and are neglecting to adequately train, monitor and employ qualified staff. To amend the current mess the care industry finds itself in, growth needs to be generated. The Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo’s second key ethic is to improve and grow the businesses within the care and nursing home sector. The demand for space in care and nursing homes is anticipated to explode in the coming years. By facilitating growth in the care sector, we will see a rise in the number of spaces available. Homes will be forced to compete, culminating in a vast improvement to the services and facilities available. Those care homes who do not adapt and improve their services will find themselves squeezed out of the market, creating yet another increase in the quality of care and choice available.

3,000 care home owners and senior decision makers are due to attend the event on the 25th & 26th April 2018 at NEC, Birmingham. Tickets to the event are free, making this the must attend event for care home owners looking to develop and grow their care home businesses.

To register for your free ticket or enquire about exhibiting opportunities please contact: 0117 990 2097

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