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Avoidable pressure injuries could free up social care funds


The Care industry is currently having to deal with the many hurdles that come with elderly care, but even despite the amazing work done Asset 2by the professionals in the industry, there are still prevailing problems that can be solved. Issues such as pressure ulcers that come about from mobility issues are unique to each patient and an unavoidable problem, but there can be work done in order to stem the issue at its root.

Pressure care costs the NHS £1.6 billion due to the ranging severity of the ulcers from case to case. With 400,000 new cases being treated annually by UK doctors, 44% of these cases are preventable and avoidable. Good care is made up of many things and recognising that each resident has unique needs is one of the biggest aspects of delivering the unrivalled care.

By recognising these unique needs, it really highlights the obligation for comprehensive risk assessments. In 2017, it was revealed by Health Europa that 30% of pressure injuries were down to an inadequate assessment of an individual’s mobility, making it clear that there is work to be done with regards to mobility and risk assessments. Better knowledge of this could result in less pressure on our NHS avoidable injuries.

But is this a training issue, or a product issue? The honest answer is both. If the products were of the highest quality, they would be able to offset any lack of training, and indeed enhance the training that should already be the best in the game. With so many options available for both of these needs, attending trade shows can be one of, if not the best, way to get a comprehensive look at the best of the best with regards to all services and products.

The Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo at the NEC on March 26th & 27th is the UK’s most dynamic care event for owners, accident-adult-african-1539678managers and decision makers, making it the place to be if you to get a great understanding of the quality training and product suppliers that are aiding the UK Care industry through its trying times. If there’s a need for high quality beds and mattresses then the likes of Linet, Apex Medical and Ateliers Du Haut-Forez will all be present to discuss patient needs and how their products can help begin offsetting pressure care problems.

With training coming in so many forms, having the chance to meet the providers in person can make all the difference in getting the best training, especially when it comes to things as personal and essential as risk assessments. The Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo will have a number of key training providers at the show, including Ash Training, Able Training, Busy Bee and a masterclass held by the Learning Curve Group. There will be true 21st century solutions as well with companies like My learning Cloud delivering excellent online training for ease of access.

With the fact of how prevalent pressure injuries are within the industry, sometimes reaching out to peers can reap the best advice. The Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo will host a seminar led by Ross Joannides who will be detailing the benefits of finding the right products for residents, looking into different profiles and what to consider, which is the perfect accompaniment to the calling for better risk assessments from professionals within the industry.

The important thing is that pressure injuries are an avoidable problem that could offset a huge portion of the annual NHS spending, which will in turn benefit everyone. By providing the best products and training services, events like The Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo are making sure that these problems shrink with each passing year.

Tickets for the Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo are free and readily available from, where they will also grant you access to the neighbouring European Neuro Convention, European Oncology Convention, Smart Home Expo and Naidex. If you can aid in the push for better care and less pressure injuries, get in contact with Nick Woore on 0117 990 2109 or at


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