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The Benefits of Intimate Care


Intimate Care… gentle enough for all skin types, all ages, all over the body.

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It is important to keep the skin as healthy as possible on a daily basis as it is exposed to outside influences that challenge the skin’s natural protection function. The normal flora in the intimate area contains bacteria which helps maintain the correct acid balance of the skin. Excessive washiintimate care product imageng with soap of the intimate area can disturb the natural flora and allow other bacteria to enter and increase the B81918914risk of infection. People who suffer from bladder disorders may visit the toilet more frequently resulting in the need to clean the intimate area more often. As Abena’s Intimate Care has a pH of 3.5, this makes it an excellent cleansing choice for the skin and those sensitive areas. Intimate Care cleanses, adds moisture and prevents the skin from drying out and is suitable for delicate, irritated and sensitive skin. It is has been dermatologically tested, is unscented and does not contain any parabens. As a result this product has also been awarded with the Nordic Swan Eco-Label. Products that have been awarded with this label have to meet strict criteria not only to ensure that the products contain ingredients which have been allergy tested but also to ensure that the manufacturing process has the least possible impact on the environment. Abena’s Intimate Care is a preferred choice for daily skin care routines, helping maintain normal pH values of the skin. Pamela Reid and Marcia Lee Nurse Advisors at Abena UK Ltd Product Information Intimate Care is available in a 500ml, or handy travel size 100ml bottle.

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