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Appropriate seating makes a HUGE difference to people’s quality of life.  The chest can open up to facilitate breathing, the head is supported in a comfortable position so communication is improved because eye contact can be made, eating, drinking and digestion are facilitated, and, of course, there’s the simple pleasure of being able to sit comfortably in a supported position.

Bearing in mind the average time a person ‘sits’ every day is about 9.5 hours – sitting is an incredibly important pastime.   Appropriate seating may mean that people can get out of bed and re-join a sociable and fulfilling life with family and friends.   To say nothing of cost savings to the NHS, through the prevention of pressure ulcers and other conditions caused by poor posture. (That’s a whole other subject).

But users also want a special chair to look good in residential/care home or own home environments.

This HydroFlex chair does not look out of place with the owner’s own stylish cream leather suite and there is no problem moving the chair from room to room.
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Hearing Solutions UK
Hearing Solutions UK
At, Hearing Solutions UK, we are dedicated to finding the best hearing aid solution that perfectly suits you.
Misheard conversations with friends, family and work colleagues, as well as having to ask everyone to repeat themselves, our story began when one of our company directors experienced moderate hearing loss and realised just how big of an impact it was having on his life. Whilst it is not fair to criticise a product supplied for free courtesy of the NHS, the lengthy process and average performance of the hearing aid inevitably led to searching for a better alternative. The private supplier market for hearing aid devices, on the other hand, proved to be a minefield full of jargon and technical specification which can only be understood by professionals alone. These are the main reasons why we started to conceptualise an organisation that would not only supply hearing aid products of the highest quality but also an impeccable and unrivalled customer service.
With all these said, we at Hearing Solutions UK understand that hearing loss can be a sensitive subject. What's more, we aim to keep the process of selecting the right option for you as simple and jargon-free as possible as we know that accepting that you may need help with your hearing can be pretty overwhelming. We also acknowledge that all our customers have different needs and requirements so we strive to make your experience as discreet and personal as possible. Catering to these preferences is a top priority here at Hearing Solutions UK.
Flexibility is also another major reason why we are trusted by our countless clients. Instead of tying ourselves with only one manufacturer, selecting the best and latest styles of hearing aids has been part of our mission to ensure that we can offer you the most exciting and new hearing solutions, as soon as they become available.
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Help Save Lives Medical & Training Supplies
Help Save Lives Medical & Training Supplies are a leading supplier of First Aid training equipment and Medical Devices that can help save lives! So if you are looking for a defibrillator, a CPR training dummie or even a First Aid course – we can Help! We also offer professional & expert advice on all of our product range.
Anti- Choking Device
Over the last 6 months we have had a high demand from the care sector for our Anti-Choking device – LifeVac.
LifeVac is new single suction anti choking device. As the LifeVac has a one way patented valve, when applied it only sucks up and does not push air down when pulled therefore LifeVac creates three times more pressure than the abdominal thrust and chest compressions as trained in First Aid.  LifeVac is FDA approved, MHRA approved as a class one medical device, Canadian Health Service approved and CE accredited. Plus an independent study of the LifeVac on a human cadaver has been peer reviewed and published in the American Journal Of Emergency Medicine by Elsevier. The LifeVac dislodged obstruction of the airway 49/50 trials on the first pull.
The device is ideal to be used on the elderly, disabled, children, people with swallowing disorders plus any person where the abdominal thrust and back slaps are not suitable.
Our mission is to get the LifeVac device everywhere we can, as we know, not only will it save a persons life, it can also help take the panic, stress and fear of choking away from venerable people and their carer’s.
Manuscript of Anti Choking Device
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