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Able Environments

Part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, we are a specialist UK manufacturer of accessible baths for domestic bathrooms, respite centres and rehabilitation facilities. Our caring and ethical team work closely with families and Occupational Therapists to ensure the needs of vulnerable bathers, of all ages, are met appropriately and effectively.

Our frontline engagement ensures solutions maximise independence and inclusion. Through access to our powered baths, postural supports and complementary solutions, individuals affected by disability can enjoy the well-being benefits of bathing safely with peace of mind. Enhanced by our diligent assessment-led service, we passionately strive to achieve positive outcomes for all.
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Christopher Guy Interiors
Nursing Home Furniture Suppliers:
Christopher Guy Interiors is one of the largest independent suppliers of nursing home furniture, residential home furniture and dementia care furniture in the country today. We are a family run business and the owners have been involved in the manufacture of furniture for over 40 years.

We are constantly expanding in the field of nursing home furniture, residential care home furniture and special needs furniture.

We have one of the best ranges of exclusive contract fabrics and are proud of our quality and the excellent value of our products.

We deliver throughout the country and always put the customer first and endeavor to meet their requests.

Nursing Home Furniture Suppliers:
We have a range of over 50 leather and impervious suites suitable for specialist needs and young adults with learning disabilities.

Specialist fitting by experienced staff.

Competitive prices keep Christopher Guy Interiors Limited ahead of all their competitors and our turnkey packages cannot be beaten for price, quality and value for money.
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Maximising room occupancy through faster room refurbishments.

2017 is going to be a challenging year for the healthcare industry. Staffing and property costs will continue to rise and demands both from residents and their families to perceive investment into the homes in which they or their loved ones reside will as ever increase. Yes 2017 is going to be challenging, yet exciting.

As with all challenges there is a great opportunity to explore new ways of working, growing and rising to the occasion. What couldn't be more exciting than this?  After all, if you do what you've always done, you'll receive what you've always received.

One key factor to meeting these challenges is room occupancy rates. Per the recent research released by Knight Frank, between 2015/2016 occupancy rates on average edged up to 88.4%. Regionally in areas such as Greater London however, occupancy rates have dropped from 90.2%. Operators whether they're an independent home or part of a larger group should be asking themselves, what external factors can affect their occupancy rates.

In our opinion, a truly important factor affecting room occupancy is the turnaround time of room refurbishments and further to this, the speed at which your interiors partners can supply you with the furniture & soft furnishings you need.

Currently the average turnaround time for furniture from many suppliers in the country is 5 weeks plus. Imagine 5 weeks as weekly room rentals? The average room rental for residential is £694 per week, meaning that operators could potentially lose £3470 per room just due to those long delivery times?

What steps could you be taking to ensure this doesn't happen? With a little work and the right interiors partner, rolling room refurbishments could be a breeze. Here are 4 steps you can take in 2017 to ensure that you maximise your room occupancy through faster room refurbishments.

1.            Choose an interiors partner who understands this issue and is committed to tackling it. In cases where a room being ready is affecting how quickly you can admit a new resident, choose a partner who can get a room "let-ready" within a week.

2.            Look at your vision for the home. Decide on where you want the home to sit in the market and what resident types you'd prefer to cater to and make sure your interiors reflect that.

3.            Pre-decide colour schemes and fabrics. This can be a real time saver for both you and your interiors partner. Spend some time looking over the available fabrics your partners offer and tie it in to their furniture options.

4.            Pre-Measure! It would be incredibly beneficial for either you or your interiors partner to audit your home and keep things such as window and curtain measurements on file. This is an efficient and effective action to really save time on your room refurbishments.

Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a nationwide delivery service for complete rooms in just 5 days. This includes a wide range of bedroom furniture to suit all budgets, as well as made to measure fire retardant curtains and soft furnishings as well as specialist chairs and beds.

For more information on how we can help reduce your room occupancy rates by refurbishing your rooms quickly and efficiently, visit or contact Steve on 01722 341 552 or e-mail
01722 341 552
Gainsborough Specialist Bathing offers a comprehensive range of integrated bathing solutions to meet the demands of the modern care environment. With over 30 years of specialist experience and a network of skilled professionals working nationwide, Gainsborough provides the design intelligence, manufacturing expertise and complete solution to successfully implement a wide range of bathing installations from concept to completion.
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At Renray we have been producing high quality healthcare and medical furniture for 50 years and are one of the UK’s largest and leading suppliers to the healthcare sector. Whether you require just a fast efficient delivery of quality furniture or a full room installation and fitting service, we have the experience and resources to handle your contract.
Medical furniture built to British Standards
We manufacture and assemble all of our healthcare furniture in our own purpose built factory in Winsford, Cheshire, as well as in Europe to British Standards. Hence we are able to ensure that your furniture is produced to the highest standards and we work with you to arrange, plan and meet your time schedule and budget.

We understand that you are purchasing healthcare furniture that is fit for purpose, stylish and will continue to perform well into the future, which is why we design and build our furniture with you in mind.
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Installing confidence across the care sector Reval Continuing Care are assisted bathing specialists.

Designing and manufacturing the latest innovations in bathing systems, the health, wellbeing and safety of people receiving care is the company’s focus.

 At the cutting edge of health and hygiene technology, Reval leads in making light and dignified work of the practicalities of attending to personal hygiene for both the carer and end user.

Providing long-term reliability Reval is ISO9001/8 quality certified. Products comply with stringent quality standards and legal requirements such as CE certification.

Products are BS 6920 and WRAS Category 5 certified, which provides assurance against back flow contamination and legionella, and TMV3 (D08) certified providing assurance that anti-scald technology maintains a safe hot water temperature.

Reval gives a three year warranty, an after sales commitment that provides full comfort and confidence that Reval supports its customers with on-going great service no matter what.
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