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Able Environments

Part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, we are a specialist UK manufacturer of accessible baths for domestic bathrooms, respite centres and rehabilitation facilities. Our caring and ethical team work closely with families and Occupational Therapists to ensure the needs of vulnerable bathers, of all ages, are met appropriately and effectively.

Our frontline engagement ensures solutions maximise independence and inclusion. Through access to our powered baths, postural supports and complementary solutions, individuals affected by disability can enjoy the well-being benefits of bathing safely with peace of mind. Enhanced by our diligent assessment-led service, we passionately strive to achieve positive outcomes for all.
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Gainsborough Specialist Bathing offers a comprehensive range of integrated bathing solutions to meet the demands of the modern care environment. With over 30 years of specialist experience and a network of skilled professionals working nationwide, Gainsborough provides the design intelligence, manufacturing expertise and complete solution to successfully implement a wide range of bathing installations from concept to completion.
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Installing confidence across the care sector Reval Continuing Care are assisted bathing specialists.

Designing and manufacturing the latest innovations in bathing systems, the health, wellbeing and safety of people receiving care is the company’s focus.

 At the cutting edge of health and hygiene technology, Reval leads in making light and dignified work of the practicalities of attending to personal hygiene for both the carer and end user.

Providing long-term reliability Reval is ISO9001/8 quality certified. Products comply with stringent quality standards and legal requirements such as CE certification.

Products are BS 6920 and WRAS Category 5 certified, which provides assurance against back flow contamination and legionella, and TMV3 (D08) certified providing assurance that anti-scald technology maintains a safe hot water temperature.

Reval gives a three year warranty, an after sales commitment that provides full comfort and confidence that Reval supports its customers with on-going great service no matter what.
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A comforting thought

Shackletons’ handmade furniture is all about comfort, mobility, safety and enjoyment. Our philosophy is that everybody who uses it is special and deserves to sit comfortably. The 70 highly-skilled craftspeople and support staff at Shackletons’ Yorkshire factory are all dedicated to achieving this; it’s all about efficiency, precision and hitting the right timings every step of the way. Customer-focused and design-led, almost every production phase is hand-made. By handcrafting each item, Shackletons furniture balances support and softness for true comfort. It is something that mass-produced techniques may achieve sometimes but never consistently. They are no substitute for the ability and dedication of a master craftsperson drawing on decades of experience.

Naturally, the highest quality products also demand the highest quality, materials – brought to us by a network of tried-and-trusted suppliers. Beech hardwood, the choice of every traditional, premium manufacturer, is used for all frames. It partners top-notch fabrics, components and finishes to create stylish, durable, ‘legacy furniture’ – born from generations of experience and guaranteed to last generations more.

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The Mobility Furniture Company
The Mobility Furniture Company has over 30 years of experience in providing custom-made, bespoke furniture which are all hand-crafted in the UK.

What makes them stand out from the rest is that they don't just offer you any standard model. They specialise in bringing the luxury of comfortable, stylish, made-to-measure furniture, offering quality rise and recline chairs, matching settees, fixed chairs and adjustable beds.

Committed to maintaining their reputation in providing the highest-quality of custom-made furniture, the company does everything in their power to make sure that every customer is delighted and satisfied with the products and services they offer. In light of this, they have established a Customer Charter where clients take the first step towards buying their products, especially at a time when everyone is looking for full value for each pound they spend. This is where The Mobility Furniture Company offers the reassurance that they are proud to help their customers improve their way of life and that every piece of furniture they offer is British to the core.

The Mobility Furniture Company endeavours to treat every customer with the same respect and attention to their needs and lets them be in charge of every step of the way. They offer free home demonstrations so you can test out the products in a much-relaxed atmosphere and even have a friend or relative with you to help you make the right choice. This way, you are also provided with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This means that everyone can be reassured that the company have friendly advisers who will be there with the sole purpose of helping the customers find what they’re looking for and there will be no high-pressure selling.

In addition to this, The Mobility Furniture Company also offers a 68-page brochure for free so that you can browse through their complete product range at your leisure.

If you'd like to request for the 68-page free brochure, get in touch with them on 0800 810 8816 or visit their website at for more information.
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