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Part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, we are a specialist UK manufacturer of accessible baths for domestic bathrooms, respite centres and rehabilitation facilities. Our caring and ethical team work closely with families and Occupational Therapists to ensure the needs of vulnerable bathers, of all ages, are met appropriately and effectively.

Our frontline engagement ensures solutions maximise independence and inclusion. Through access to our powered baths, postural supports and complementary solutions, individuals affected by disability can enjoy the well-being benefits of bathing safely with peace of mind. Enhanced by our diligent assessment-led service, we passionately strive to achieve positive outcomes for all.
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Alarm Radio Monitoring
Alarm Radio Monitoring
Wireless nurse call systems from Alarm Radio Monitoring have been developed to meet the requirements of working within healthcare environments. With 25 years experience manufacturing nurse call systems, we have plenty of knowledge and expertise to help design a system tailored for you.

Nurse call points are manufactured using the latest technology for optimum hygiene using Biomaster antimicrobial protection embedded within the plastic outer casing and buttons.  This provides extra protection against the spread of infection coupled with pear push leads being IP67 rated to enable dip sterilisation.

Biomaster antimicrobial technology provides round-the-clock protection in hygiene-critical environments against bacterial build-up from harmful species such MRSA, E.coli and Legionella. The active ingredient in Biomaster is built-in during the manufacturing process and lasts the lifetime of the product.

Call points feature an infra-red sensor enabling remote operation using an infra-red fob.  Alternatively call points can be released from the wall bracket via the locking tab and positioned in the room if required.

There are various types of call points from bed-head units, toilet and bathroom units to door and door-bell monitors.  For the more mobile; neck pendants, fobs and wrist buttons are helpful add-ons to your nurse call system and give people greater freedom.

Assistive technology devices such as epilepsy sensors, movement monitors, chair/bed/floor pressure mats can be plugged into a nurse call point to further enhance the system and help meet the ever changing needs of individuals.

With ARM’s call logging software, managers can view/print/export various management reports such as staff response times, attendance visits, maintenance reports.  The call logging software keeps a record of all events that occur on your nurse call system, providing a full audit trail for future reference/analysis.

If you require an element of Staff Alarm as well as Nurse Call, this can easily be achieved by combining our Staff Personal Alarm units into your system.  The arm Nurse Call and arm Staff Alarm systems use the same infrastructure, so you need only install one system.

Alarm Radio Monitoring’s leasing options make new nurse call and staff alarm systems immediately affordable.
Aquarius Hygiene
Aquarius Hygiene
Aquarius Hygiene are designers and retailers of a range of personal hygiene bidet products, for use whilst travelling and at home, to assist you in your everyday life. We believe everyone should have dignity and a good sense of wellbeing.
 Our range of products currently includes;
 Aquarius Intelligent Bidet
 The Aquarius Intelligent Bidet simply replaces the toilet seat on top of the existing toilet making for very simple installation. Featuring a heated seat, adjustable settings for the water temperature, pressure and nozzle direction, heated air dryer and automatic nozzle cleaning function. The Intelligent Bidet comes with a choice of control options, either fixed side panel or hand held controls, a great option for those who require the use of a shower chair.
Aquarius Porta-Bidet
An innovative travel friendly Bidet solution; The Porta-Bidet comes with a free discreet travel bag and weighs just 1.5 kg. The Porta-Bidet has a rechargeable battery and from every overnight change the unit can achieve at least 50 wash cycles with no loss of pressure or power. The bidet spray arm attaches to any standard toilet and can be set up by anyone within seconds ready for use, providing a comfortable regulated spray wash at the press of a button.
Aquarius Travel Handy Bidet
 A lightweight, compact and discreet portable Shattaf sprayer.
 Simply fill the reservoir with water, warm or tepid is ideal, attach the hose and press the button to spray and wash. This hand held bidet sprayer provides that little extra reach should you have mobility difficulties and also provides a hands off experience should you not wish to use toilet tissues. The Handy Bidet is USB rechargeable.
 Aquarius Dual Nozzle Cold Water Bidet
 The Aquarius Dual Nozzle Bidet consists of a 10mm thick body which fits under any standard existing toilet seat. A dual nozzle design catering for both male and female users, with a pulsating wash. The anti-bacterial nozzle is fully retractable, self-cleaning and the toilet can be used in the standard way with no obstructions whatsoever. A convenient bidet solution to suit your existing bathroom suite with very little installation hassle.
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Appropriate seating makes a HUGE difference to people’s quality of life.  The chest can open up to facilitate breathing, the head is supported in a comfortable position so communication is improved because eye contact can be made, eating, drinking and digestion are facilitated, and, of course, there’s the simple pleasure of being able to sit comfortably in a supported position.

Bearing in mind the average time a person ‘sits’ every day is about 9.5 hours – sitting is an incredibly important pastime.   Appropriate seating may mean that people can get out of bed and re-join a sociable and fulfilling life with family and friends.   To say nothing of cost savings to the NHS, through the prevention of pressure ulcers and other conditions caused by poor posture. (That’s a whole other subject).

But users also want a special chair to look good in residential/care home or own home environments.

This HydroFlex chair does not look out of place with the owner’s own stylish cream leather suite and there is no problem moving the chair from room to room.
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Maximising room occupancy through faster room refurbishments.

2017 is going to be a challenging year for the healthcare industry. Staffing and property costs will continue to rise and demands both from residents and their families to perceive investment into the homes in which they or their loved ones reside will as ever increase. Yes 2017 is going to be challenging, yet exciting.

As with all challenges there is a great opportunity to explore new ways of working, growing and rising to the occasion. What couldn't be more exciting than this?  After all, if you do what you've always done, you'll receive what you've always received.

One key factor to meeting these challenges is room occupancy rates. Per the recent research released by Knight Frank, between 2015/2016 occupancy rates on average edged up to 88.4%. Regionally in areas such as Greater London however, occupancy rates have dropped from 90.2%. Operators whether they're an independent home or part of a larger group should be asking themselves, what external factors can affect their occupancy rates.

In our opinion, a truly important factor affecting room occupancy is the turnaround time of room refurbishments and further to this, the speed at which your interiors partners can supply you with the furniture & soft furnishings you need.

Currently the average turnaround time for furniture from many suppliers in the country is 5 weeks plus. Imagine 5 weeks as weekly room rentals? The average room rental for residential is £694 per week, meaning that operators could potentially lose £3470 per room just due to those long delivery times?

What steps could you be taking to ensure this doesn't happen? With a little work and the right interiors partner, rolling room refurbishments could be a breeze. Here are 4 steps you can take in 2017 to ensure that you maximise your room occupancy through faster room refurbishments.

1.            Choose an interiors partner who understands this issue and is committed to tackling it. In cases where a room being ready is affecting how quickly you can admit a new resident, choose a partner who can get a room "let-ready" within a week.

2.            Look at your vision for the home. Decide on where you want the home to sit in the market and what resident types you'd prefer to cater to and make sure your interiors reflect that.

3.            Pre-decide colour schemes and fabrics. This can be a real time saver for both you and your interiors partner. Spend some time looking over the available fabrics your partners offer and tie it in to their furniture options.

4.            Pre-Measure! It would be incredibly beneficial for either you or your interiors partner to audit your home and keep things such as window and curtain measurements on file. This is an efficient and effective action to really save time on your room refurbishments.

Dayex® are changing the market from weeks to days with a nationwide delivery service for complete rooms in just 5 days. This includes a wide range of bedroom furniture to suit all budgets, as well as made to measure fire retardant curtains and soft furnishings as well as specialist chairs and beds.

For more information on how we can help reduce your room occupancy rates by refurbishing your rooms quickly and efficiently, visit or contact Steve on 01722 341 552 or e-mail
01722 341 552
everyLIFE Technologies
everyLIFE Technologies
everyLIFE Technologies believe that outstanding care is outstanding business and we’ve developed The PASSsystem to help great care businesses support vulnerable people. The PASSsystem is the market leading care planning, care notes and eMAR system that is supporting a revolution in homecare and residential care. The PASSsystem is the ONLY CQC and Care Inspectorate cited, NHS England accredited, NICE compliant system in the market.

"The difference between good and OUTSTANDING." - CQC Inspector, South London

The PASSsystem is driving business efficiencies and peace of mind through an in-depth understanding of the care industry. It reinvents information sharing to improve the safety and quality of residential and domiciliary care.

Contact us to modernise your care management and find out how everyLIFE Technologies can help you to deliver OUTSTANDING care.
PASS System Video
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Felgains have 40 years of experience in the care market, supplying patient handling,  hygiene and pressure care equipment into professional care, education, public and domestic environments.

Our flagship products include:

 VENDLET V5S Repositioning System - the world’s first powered patient turning system
LEJRELET Bed Positioning Support Cushions – for safe and efficient patient positioning
Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair - a single handed solution for falls response
MoMo Patient Monitoring System – a holistic solution for pressure care prevention and assessment, falls management and sleep evaluation

Our product range also includes:

 Overhead Ceiling Track Hoists
Shower Trolleys
Profiling Care Beds
Pressure Care Mattresses
Height Adjustable Care Baths
Independent Living Aids
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Fusion Care Solutions Ltd
Founded in March 2010 by a group of care sector professionals with many years’ experience in the development of care specific software Fusion is at the cutting edge in the design and delivery of cloud based Staffing, Time & Attendance, Resident and Care Planning Systems. Our mission is to help and assist care operators in understanding the benefits both to care and value when using our products and services.

The care sector historically has predominantly been a user of paper based systems and as an industry for the most part was late to take up the challenges of new technologies. Our many years of experience in long term care have enabled us to work closely with our colleagues and clients developing systems that were not only care specific but intuitive and user friendly. Given that currently are sales are doubling year on year we are confident that we are achieving our vision to bring to the sector a quality product enabling our clients to run highly effective, efficient and profitable care centric businesses with enduring value.

With friendly and reliable customer support from experienced staff providing up to date, futureproof, state of the art products we have the edge on our competitors in all areas with customers who are happy to qualify that statement. Our products are licensed on 3 month rolling contracts and therefore provide budgeted, low on going costs to our clients.

The care sector is in transition facing difficult challenges with regulatory requirements, recruitment and the national minimum wage to name but a few. With high standards in the day to day managing of systems and best practice, the team at Fusion know about care and the headaches that go with it, placing our clients in good hands, we believe we are the best at what we do.

Fusion: a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole.

Our products are designed for your business, you can rely on us and we’re good value. You’re better off with Fusion.
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Gainsborough Specialist Bathing offers a comprehensive range of integrated bathing solutions to meet the demands of the modern care environment. With over 30 years of specialist experience and a network of skilled professionals working nationwide, Gainsborough provides the design intelligence, manufacturing expertise and complete solution to successfully implement a wide range of bathing installations from concept to completion.
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Hearing Solutions UK
Hearing Solutions UK
At, Hearing Solutions UK, we are dedicated to finding the best hearing aid solution that perfectly suits you.
Misheard conversations with friends, family and work colleagues, as well as having to ask everyone to repeat themselves, our story began when one of our company directors experienced moderate hearing loss and realised just how big of an impact it was having on his life. Whilst it is not fair to criticise a product supplied for free courtesy of the NHS, the lengthy process and average performance of the hearing aid inevitably led to searching for a better alternative. The private supplier market for hearing aid devices, on the other hand, proved to be a minefield full of jargon and technical specification which can only be understood by professionals alone. These are the main reasons why we started to conceptualise an organisation that would not only supply hearing aid products of the highest quality but also an impeccable and unrivalled customer service.
With all these said, we at Hearing Solutions UK understand that hearing loss can be a sensitive subject. What's more, we aim to keep the process of selecting the right option for you as simple and jargon-free as possible as we know that accepting that you may need help with your hearing can be pretty overwhelming. We also acknowledge that all our customers have different needs and requirements so we strive to make your experience as discreet and personal as possible. Catering to these preferences is a top priority here at Hearing Solutions UK.
Flexibility is also another major reason why we are trusted by our countless clients. Instead of tying ourselves with only one manufacturer, selecting the best and latest styles of hearing aids has been part of our mission to ensure that we can offer you the most exciting and new hearing solutions, as soon as they become available.
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Help Save Lives Medical & Training Supplies
Help Save Lives Medical & Training Supplies are a leading supplier of First Aid training equipment and Medical Devices that can help save lives! So if you are looking for a defibrillator, a CPR training dummie or even a First Aid course – we can Help! We also offer professional & expert advice on all of our product range.
Anti- Choking Device
Over the last 6 months we have had a high demand from the care sector for our Anti-Choking device – LifeVac.
LifeVac is new single suction anti choking device. As the LifeVac has a one way patented valve, when applied it only sucks up and does not push air down when pulled therefore LifeVac creates three times more pressure than the abdominal thrust and chest compressions as trained in First Aid.  LifeVac is FDA approved, MHRA approved as a class one medical device, Canadian Health Service approved and CE accredited. Plus an independent study of the LifeVac on a human cadaver has been peer reviewed and published in the American Journal Of Emergency Medicine by Elsevier. The LifeVac dislodged obstruction of the airway 49/50 trials on the first pull.
The device is ideal to be used on the elderly, disabled, children, people with swallowing disorders plus any person where the abdominal thrust and back slaps are not suitable.
Our mission is to get the LifeVac device everywhere we can, as we know, not only will it save a persons life, it can also help take the panic, stress and fear of choking away from venerable people and their carer’s.
Manuscript of Anti Choking Device
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Hilton Nursing Partners
Hilton Nursing Partners delivering innovative solutions and passionate about what we do, our vision of a successful healthcare provider powered by the quality of its people and the strength of its principles has created a unique organisation trusted to support patients across the country. Working with the NHS and Social Care Commissioners we successfully deliver safe, timely and supportive hospital discharges, patient assessments, patient recovery programmes, Hospital Avoidance and Healthcare Coaching Services. Our unique Hilton model of nurses, therapists and nurse led personal nursing assistants has a proven track record in freeing hospital beds, as well as reducing admissions and re-admissions and ongoing social services support. The success of the Hilton Partnership model is evident to the 20,000 patients we have supported and the excellent patient, staff and commissioner feedback we receive.
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Hygieia Group Ltd
Hygieia Group Ltd
Hygieia Group Ltd offer a comprehensive range of specialist cleaning services to help you to meet the CQC standards for hygiene, infection prevention, and infection control, and to help you maintain / improve your establishment’s CQC ratings.

Our services include:

deep cleaning – including kitchens, ductwork, and complete washroom cleaning (with air freshener and sanitiser)
floor cleaning – all types of hard floors and carpets, including odour and stain removal
upholstery cleaning – including odour and stain removal
high level cleaning – including gutters, fascias, and high-level windows
exterior cleaning – including car parks, pathways, chewing gum removal
sharps removal

Hygieia Group is owned and run by Andrew Bodle and Julian Patrick, who have 40 years combined experience in specialist commercial cleaning. The team is led by strong managers – all of whom have been promoted from within – and our staff are highly trained.

We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide, and as a result we have an enviable reputation with all the clients we have worked for. Our pricing is competitive, and the quality of our work is second to none.

Hygieia Group are accredited under ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety.

Visit our website at for more detailed information on our company and the services we offer, together with a wide range of client testimonials.
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“Nourish is responsive, adaptable, instant, consistent, person-centred and surprisingly cost efficient” – Paul Dennis-Andrews, Encompass

Nourish empowers your whole care team. It offers a care management solution that supports and enhances the great work you already do, rather than forcing you to work in a different way.

With Nourish, care teams can plan, record, report and co-ordinate care securely online, using smart, well-designed, applications instead of paper. With our system, care providers benefit from higher quality care plans and notes, compliant and accurate audit trails and a greater degree of control and visibility across the management process.

Saving the care provider both time and cost, it allows for better resource management and promotes a more sustainable level of care. In a time of changing demographics, where the demand for care is only growing, Nourish uses technology and user-friendly design to empower the care team to do what they do best; help others enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Through the cloud-based software, Nourish supports a range of care providers, from individual homes to large care groups. Management can monitor care provision within the home or at a head office across multiple homes; saving time not just for home managers, but area managers and CEO’s alike.

At Nourish, our focus is clear. We seek to enhance and simplify care in equal measures. We set out to harness the power of care management software to improve the lives of people who need care, and those who provide it.

“We have been able to work directly with the team at Nourish. We very much feel like stakeholders in the system; we give feedback of what we need and it’s taken onboard and incorporated into the system – it’s been fantastic to contribute and see our ideas put into practice.” – Simon Francis, Silverline Care
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NurseBuddy Care Software
NurseBuddy Care Software gives care managers and carers the easiest way to organise every-day care, improve efficiency and get better results. Designed by carers, for carers, our cloud based software allows for access anywhere and any time. Our dedicated Mobile App ensures your care teams are always communicating and always informed.

Manage all your scheduling and rostering, electronic call monitoring, digital care plans, mileage, invoicing and payroll, family portal and much more. We make managing your care company easy, with simple yet powerful functionality that helps you manage the care process from beginning to end. Pricing starts from just £69 per month for unlimited users, and includes all training, support, and 30 days risk-free to try out our software. Talk to us today about how NurseBuddy can transform the efficiency of your domiciliary care business.

Complete Domiciliary Care Management

• Advanced Carer Scheduling • Live Call Monitoring •

• Digital Care Plans • Mileage Tracking • Invoicing •

• Mobile Carer App • Client & Family Portal •
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Quality Compliance Systems Ltd (QCS)
Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) is the UK’s leading supplier of compliance and policy management to the health and social care sectors.
Founded in 2007, the QCS customer base has grown to 16,000+ registered users ranging from care service providers to dental and GP practice managers – and this number is growing every day! QCS’s client-centric approach ensures that their management system provides a superior level of service, allowing users to concentrate on delivering excellent care for outstanding value.
The QCS range of products extends from full management systems to bespoke CQC Registration packs and individual system modules, including health and safety, human resources, medications management, quality assurance, care planning and residential services.
QCS works with a panel of industry experts who are continuously reviewing and updating policies and procedures to ensure they are completely up to date. These experts also horizon scan to ensure that you are aware and prepared for any changes or developments that may affect your business.
Subscribers of the QCS system also have access to a very knowledgeable and friendly customer care team, with each client having their own dedicated customer care representative.
They offer a completely free, no obligation free trial. This trial really is the best way to see what they are about and how their services will benefit your business. During the trial you will be logged into the online version of their system and given access to view their entire range of policies and procedures, mock inspections and other compliance tools available for your service type.
For more information or to sign up for your free trial, please visit:
0333 405 33 33
At Renray we have been producing high quality healthcare and medical furniture for 50 years and are one of the UK’s largest and leading suppliers to the healthcare sector. Whether you require just a fast efficient delivery of quality furniture or a full room installation and fitting service, we have the experience and resources to handle your contract.
Medical furniture built to British Standards
We manufacture and assemble all of our healthcare furniture in our own purpose built factory in Winsford, Cheshire, as well as in Europe to British Standards. Hence we are able to ensure that your furniture is produced to the highest standards and we work with you to arrange, plan and meet your time schedule and budget.

We understand that you are purchasing healthcare furniture that is fit for purpose, stylish and will continue to perform well into the future, which is why we design and build our furniture with you in mind.
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Installing confidence across the care sector Reval Continuing Care are assisted bathing specialists.

Designing and manufacturing the latest innovations in bathing systems, the health, wellbeing and safety of people receiving care is the company’s focus.

 At the cutting edge of health and hygiene technology, Reval leads in making light and dignified work of the practicalities of attending to personal hygiene for both the carer and end user.

Providing long-term reliability Reval is ISO9001/8 quality certified. Products comply with stringent quality standards and legal requirements such as CE certification.

Products are BS 6920 and WRAS Category 5 certified, which provides assurance against back flow contamination and legionella, and TMV3 (D08) certified providing assurance that anti-scald technology maintains a safe hot water temperature.

Reval gives a three year warranty, an after sales commitment that provides full comfort and confidence that Reval supports its customers with on-going great service no matter what.
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A comforting thought

Shackletons’ handmade furniture is all about comfort, mobility, safety and enjoyment. Our philosophy is that everybody who uses it is special and deserves to sit comfortably. The 70 highly-skilled craftspeople and support staff at Shackletons’ Yorkshire factory are all dedicated to achieving this; it’s all about efficiency, precision and hitting the right timings every step of the way. Customer-focused and design-led, almost every production phase is hand-made. By handcrafting each item, Shackletons furniture balances support and softness for true comfort. It is something that mass-produced techniques may achieve sometimes but never consistently. They are no substitute for the ability and dedication of a master craftsperson drawing on decades of experience.

Naturally, the highest quality products also demand the highest quality, materials – brought to us by a network of tried-and-trusted suppliers. Beech hardwood, the choice of every traditional, premium manufacturer, is used for all frames. It partners top-notch fabrics, components and finishes to create stylish, durable, ‘legacy furniture’ – born from generations of experience and guaranteed to last generations more.

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Everything you need for a comfortable nights sleep – Sidhils electric beds and high specification mattress systems.

Working to support customers across all sectors of the healthcare market specialists Sidhil have put the focus for 2016 on pressure area care with the launch of a comprehensive choice of surfaces designed around optimising conditions to reduce the prevalence of pressure ulcers.

Sidhil’s latest portfolio of systems and surfaces is designed around current nursing and homecare procedures, providing complete and comprehensive solutions developed to assist in reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers, improving patient outcomes and making a positive contribution to relieving the strain on nursing home and healthcare budgets.

Also available Sidhil’s Bradshaw range of nursing and residential care home beds have been developed specifically to meet the individual and clinical needs of the care home environment.

These electrically operated, fully profiling nursing care beds also meet the aesthetic standards required, offering a choice of wood finishes to create an attractive domestic setting and a new range of padded head ends in colours to harmonise with selected interior decor.

The range successfully combines Sidhil’s established tradition for strength and durability with special lightweight construction materials and techniques, offering beds which are easy to assemble and disassemble, stable and visually attractive. Bradshaw beds include both Bariatric and Low versions to cater for the needs of larger clients and also to minimise the risk of falls.

Sidhil’s Pressure Area Care products and nursing and residential care beds are supported 24/7, 365 days a year via the company’s nationwide network of service centres, with next day product availability to assist with acute care and hospital discharge requirements.

Sidhil enjoys an enviable reputation for the most advanced levels of customer service of any supplier in the country, including typical delivery lead times of less than three days, backed up by regional service centres carrying stocks of spare parts, available nationwide within 24 hours.

Please contact us for your nearest distributor:
Sidhil Customer Services
Tel: 01422 233 000
Sidhil M.A.P System
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